Since this is the Period students start seriously thinking about their future course of life sitting for Final important examinations at Schools and on the brink of the adult hood, Knowledge First standing behind to support their career dreams.

Book your stall via the clickable link below or download the PDF version of the Stand Registration Form here.

For more information about the show, speak to us at 0771 199 870 or 0718 081 548.

Knowledge First 2019

"KnowledgeFirst2019"is the unique and first exhibition after the A/L 2019 running for the ninth (10th) consecutive year. The principal aim of the programe is to guide our children in achieving their prospective goals in education and other related areas, in other words EMPOWERING THE NEXT GENERATION.
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251/2, Dewman Palace, Kaduwela Road, Baththaramulla
077 1199 870 / 071 8081 548